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Hi and welcome to the Kevin Federline fan club.  If your looking for information and opinions about Kevin Federline, then you have come to the right place.  This is the only place on the internet (that we know of) dedicated to Kevin Federline (except for the website that he made for himself).  Please, please join the fanclub by going here.  By doing that, you will be able to submit your own fan art, maintain your own profile, comment on fan arts and photos, and do more in the near future.  I hope you enjoy this website half as much as we do.

-The Kevin Federline Fanclub

New pictures of SP and Jayden JJ Jrposted by MTA on 02/17/2008

WOot.  New pictures of Kev’s kids surfaced this week.  Sean and Jayden JJ are kept in a hyperbaric chamber to protect them from the ecosystem in their mom’s groin, but every once in a while Kevin takes them to the beach. 

The boys are growing up strong.  Even though they are only 1 and 2 years old, I hear they are sleeping with celebrities at a 5th grade level.  Also, you can tell that Dad has big things in mind for their futures, given the fashion forward hairstyles they wear. 



All’s well in the Federline kingdom.  Kevin’s 3 starring role on One Tree Hill was so inspiring the writers strike ended on principle alone.  All that court shit keeps humming along.  Kevin’s lawyers have been aided significantly by Discovery Rule 3.4(a), aka the "trailer trash skank bitches GTFO of court" rule. 


You really should rethink Mr Federline
I wasn’t proud of Kevin 5-6 years ago but he has really matured. Gained weight? So have I. He’s a single dad and this shows he spends more time with his kids than at the gym. Good for you Kevin..
Posted By: andy

the joke’s on you, 2HOT4FEDDERHEADERS!
We never made money. We do it for the love.
Posted By: skeltz

if you have a problem with k fed then wtf are you doing on this site!!! get a life haterz k-fed is the bomb
Posted By: stickers303

WTF ...; STILL ONLINE???????????
Pathetic whores. U R as bad as this loser Fed-ex! Are U even making $$$$ anymore? GO THE FUCK AWAT ALREADY! Jackasses!

Kevin Federline and the boys.
First of all who are u to say Kevin is a bad father? Why just because of something u read? Dont listen to every tabloid in the world. Cuz most of them are bullshit. Kevin is a regular guy that deserves to go out once in awhile and have some fun. U cant expect him to be locked in the house for the rest of his life. Same with Britney. God they really are just normal [people that happen to have Their lives in the media. Lay off and leave them alone with all this crap. How would you like it if u were judged all the time for the things u do? The only difference between us and them is that they have their lives in the media.
Posted By: Tracy5646

Hey Man: I used to visit this site all the time and post my artwork. I have to admit - this is really lame shit now. You guys used to be cool, but now you have become rather pathetic in trying to keep up with the tabloids. I think it’s time just to shut this crap down already. Either that, or flush your computers down the toilet. This shit is not even funny - just freaking dumb.

Oh yeah! Cos He’s going 2 play golf 2moro... wait doesn’t he have costody... hmmm brilliant father! Giving the children 2 the nanny EVERY DAY!!! I don’t know who the fuck owns this site, but your an idiot. Cunt-fed is talentless and ugly!!! The sooner some Britney fan kills him, the better. He’s a waste of space, a piece of shit on the pavement. He acts like a boy, and Brit was looking for a man :( "Daddy" only cares about money. Why didnt he fight for Shar Jacksons kids??? Bye, bye boy...
Posted By: CuntFedMoreLikeIT

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Escape from Skankatrazposted by MTA on 02/06/2008

Britney has escaped from Skankatraz!  To our readers in the Westwood/Los Angeles area:  be on the lookout for a white female resembling a bloated whale carcas.  Will likely be drinking Kentucky Gentlemen out of the bottle or getting humped by a skeezy dude in an alley.

Here’s the story. 

Britney escaped from UCLA medical center by making a rope ladder out of hospital issued panties.  The doctors were trying to relieve her slag whore symptoms by making her wear underpants but apparently she was stashing them under the bed, along with generic oxycontin and clown makeup.   

Britney should be considered armed and extremely dangerous.  Do not approach unless you want to get your dick bitten off! 


You get what you give...
Hey Fed-Ex how did you like Britney winning pretty much everything at the MTV VMAs? :-) Did you notice how calm, rational and lucid she is now? Dude, she’s back and you can bet on it: she will get everything back! :-) Go Britney! Screw Fed-Ex!!!
Posted By: Fed-Ex_Nothing-More

I love how Brit gets slagged off on here, it shows that Brit rises above this and doesnt slag Mr K Fed off. K Fedd is so low in the ranking that he markets himself as Mr Britney Spears. Should tell you alot, it should be copy right her name. Britney will rise from this and whipp K Fedds ass left right and centre and it has started already with the PR Guru going to Britney and not him. I hope that Mr K Fed father of the year...(haha) looks after his first wifes children too...i guess there is no money to suck out of his first wife so of course hes not interested. Anyway, have to run and write something nice on Britneys site.
Posted By: Britneyloyalfan

i was on here when it was all about KFED my man but this whole britney bashing garbage is lame...leave that shit to the tabloids
Posted By: tc34

is this site a joke? seriously? "k-fed fan club"??? i don’t see a thing about k-fed on here -- it’s all about bashing britney... it’s even titled, "everything you want to know about Mr. Britney Spears" HAHAHAHA k-fed can’t even get his "own" website without mentioning the person who made him "famous" -- BRITNEY! pathetic. the only reason britney has had a breakdown is because k-fed has manipulated her, he has manipulated her family, he has manipulated his own children & he has manipulated the judicial system. where was dad of the year when they were married? oh yah - he was in vegas spending britney’s money. loser
Posted By: anonymous

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Here we ohhhh again. posted by MTA on 01/31/2008

Britney Spears has been taken to the hospital for the second time this month.  This casts doubt on my theory that she's suffering from menstrual tremors, caused by a lack of vaginal tension.  Here's Brit's police escort, from the Anti-CrabSkank detail:


New episodes of House just started again, so I am back to being a medical expert.  Here's my list of things Brit is probably suffering from:

-  Addiction to painkillers
-  Fuglitis (untreatable)
-  Delerium Tremens
-  Dog herpes
-  Morbid Obesity with chronic need for attention


Hey Jenny!
Yore dumb!!!
Posted By: MTA

You guys are so freaking stupid. K Fed is nothing, was nothing, and continues to be nothing, especially since britneys gone. Its fuckin ridiculous how he got 10 million from her and 2 kids and isn’t giving her crap in return. so you guys shut up, because britney MADE k fed what he is. and he still aint much.
Posted By: xspiffyjennyx

well first off..
Brittany does not have any crabs or any disease at all. Brittany cant have dog herpes okayy! I mean come on get real. She’s pretty and she sings very good. So leave her alone, cant you see she’s already been threw enough!! -Missy
Posted By: Molissa

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Britman Beginsposted by MTA on 01/28/2008

There's nothing funny about the death of Heath Ledger.  And apparently even Brit is aware of this.  I guess spending her waking life embodying tragedy has given her insight on the matter.  When she heard about the young actor's death she immediately drove to the convenience store at 4:15 am to buy Fiddle Faddle and a pregnancy test.  But she was gonna do that anyway.  The touching part was that she made the trip in full Joker makeup:

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ohsapposted by MTA on 01/27/2008
I am doing this update from an iPod touch, which is totally fire and I bet kevin probably has a personal assistNt with huge boobs just to carry his around. I know he doesn't have an iPhone because you can't use a woman-attracting earpiece with a blue led to prove its not an imitation earpiece e.

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