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Federline, Yo

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Federline, Yo


  1. k-fed stop being soooooooo obsessed with yourself noone likes you (execpt britney spears shes ugly too. no porno pics
    Posted by realdiva on 7/22/2006

  2. kay thats a tad bit weird...K-fed is a little sketch ball
    Posted by livvayy06 on 8/17/2006

  3. yes, i bet your armpits smell avicado fresh! and i can tell you have a small penis beacuase #1 in the position that your in, you should actually see at least a little bulge [which theres not] and #2 i have bigger feet than you and i'm a old man!
    Posted by on 8/17/2006

  4. hhhhhhhhmmmmmm I bet his willy wanker is HUGE
    Posted by livvayy06 on 8/17/2006

  5. hes right when he says "yall arent ready"
    Posted by livvayy06 on 8/17/2006

  6. k-fed has more hair in his ear, than on his little boy chest. yo britney where the checkbook
    Posted by DB COOPER on 10/21/2006

  7. that dont even look like kfag that aint him i bet
    Posted by lil_mama17 on 1/9/2007

  8. Put your clothes back on.. Kevin you have nothing to you! You need help!
    Posted by xXxShannieBabyxXx on 2/26/2007

  9. Stop beating on the K-Fed machine ya'll... Just wait... My boy will be bigger than Brintey very was... You see this kid move on the stage... He's the pimp version of Timberlake... You bitches just aren't ready yet... Holla
    Posted by thad on 3/21/2007

  10. I cant really say much or back you up on dis cause Im not gay but be you
    Posted by pancakeman$$ on 8/21/2007

  11. haha he doesnt even have that much of a bulge - unfortunatley i still think his willy's pretty huge! magine wankin thaat!
    Posted by BritneyFan000 on 10/22/2007

  12. I'd sniff his pitts, booty, & nutz! (YUMMY!!!)
    Posted by Saturated Phat on 11/16/2007

  13. that's ashton was on mad tv
    Posted by mr-dc on 5/5/2008

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