The Writers Guild of America is on strike.  The foremost job of that union is to come up with dialogue for Kevin on One Tree Hill.  The WGA is on strike because coming up with lines hot enough to match Kevin's fire-ness requires them to break every OSHA standard on the books.  So they need more money.  I never said anything bad about anyone who wants to stack cake, and I still won't.

The WGA killed the Golden Globes, because fuck the Golden Globes.  They aren't going to kill the Grammys, though.  And thank God for that.  Here is a list of the Grammy awards Kevin is up for in 2008*:

Hottest Fire
Most Raps Spit about Cake
Ugliest Ex Wife
Best Decision to Get Divorced
R&B Duo or Group

Expect to see plenty of these babies joining Kevin's other awards and Father of the Year coffee mugs:

*Not all of these Grammys are publicized to the same extent as traditional awards, such as Gayest Lite Jazz Rock.

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