Britney has escaped from Skankatraz!  To our readers in the Westwood/Los Angeles area:  be on the lookout for a white female resembling a bloated whale carcas.  Will likely be drinking Kentucky Gentlemen out of the bottle or getting humped by a skeezy dude in an alley.

Here’s the story. 

Britney escaped from UCLA medical center by making a rope ladder out of hospital issued panties.  The doctors were trying to relieve her slag whore symptoms by making her wear underpants but apparently she was stashing them under the bed, along with generic oxycontin and clown makeup.   

Britney should be considered armed and extremely dangerous.  Do not approach unless you want to get your dick bitten off! 


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Posted By: ojscoyus

You get what you give...
Hey Fed-Ex how did you like Britney winning pretty much everything at the MTV VMAs? :-) Did you notice how calm, rational and lucid she is now? Dude, she’s back and you can bet on it: she will get everything back! :-) Go Britney! Screw Fed-Ex!!!
Posted By: Fed-Ex_Nothing-More

I love how Brit gets slagged off on here, it shows that Brit rises above this and doesnt slag Mr K Fed off. K Fedd is so low in the ranking that he markets himself as Mr Britney Spears. Should tell you alot, it should be copy right her name. Britney will rise from this and whipp K Fedds ass left right and centre and it has started already with the PR Guru going to Britney and not him. I hope that Mr K Fed father of the year...(haha) looks after his first wifes children too...i guess there is no money to suck out of his first wife so of course hes not interested. Anyway, have to run and write something nice on Britneys site.
Posted By: Britneyloyalfan

i was on here when it was all about KFED my man but this whole britney bashing garbage is lame...leave that shit to the tabloids
Posted By: tc34

is this site a joke? seriously? "k-fed fan club"??? i don’t see a thing about k-fed on here -- it’s all about bashing britney... it’s even titled, "everything you want to know about Mr. Britney Spears" HAHAHAHA k-fed can’t even get his "own" website without mentioning the person who made him "famous" -- BRITNEY! pathetic. the only reason britney has had a breakdown is because k-fed has manipulated her, he has manipulated her family, he has manipulated his own children & he has manipulated the judicial system. where was dad of the year when they were married? oh yah - he was in vegas spending britney’s money. loser
Posted By: anonymous

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